Manufacturing in the
Locate South Georgia region

While South Georgia is renowned for its agricultural advantages, we’re also home to a hotbed of advanced manufacturing. Our large network of universities, educated talent pool, “shovel-ready” sites, and inventory of available facilities make our South Georgia communities great places to produce products of all types.

Products currently produced in South Georgia include bedding, glass, marine products, fabricated metals, plastics, chemicals, forest products and many other categories. Such production requires a workforce that is educated and eager to work. Our talent pipeline focuses on producing qualified and desirable candidates for our region's employers.

Another plus for our businesses is our location. Our transportation network ensures businesses can easily and quickly get products to market. Additionally, our climate is warm most of the year with little excessive rainfall (including no snow). Companies can operate year round. Weather delays are rare.

Top 10 Manufacturing Industry Mix by Jobs

Industry 2020 Jobs Wages/Salaries No. Establishments 2019 Gross Regional Product
Food 6,938 $45,829 74 $753,114,410
Transportation Equipment 4,194 $46,224 47 $417,153,222
Wood Products 3,344 $42,683 75 $289,857,892
Fabricated Metal Products 2,896 $47,678 107 $236,155,238
Machinery 1,785 $50,945 49 $227,198,877
Paper 1,470 $72,647 19 $284,402,817
Plastics and Rubber Products 1,234 $47,063 26 $123,183,857
Chemicals 1,098 $63,228 47 $420,157,379
Furniture and Related Products 972 $40,200 26 $58,754,676
Primary Metals 928 $54,032 8 $119,700,497

Source: Esri September 2020

Some of the manufacturers in the Locate South Georgia region include:

  • A-1 Roof Trusses, Pre-engineered Roof Trusses, Bainbridge
  • American Textile Company, Bedding, Tifton
  • Arglass Yamamura, Glass Production, Valdosta
  • Cardinal Glass Industries, Custom Tempered Glass, Adel
  • Chapparal Boats, Boats/Marine Products, Nashville
  • Check-Mate Industries, Metal Stamping Manufacturer, Thomasville
  • Coats & Clark, Sewing Thread & Supplies, Albany
  • Danimer Scientific, Biodegradable Plastics, Bainbridge
  • Elixir Extrusions, Fabricated Aluminum, Douglas
  • Georgia-Pacific, Lumber, Corrugated Paper, Albany
  • Heatcraft, Refrigeration Equipment, Tifton
  • Hunt Industries, Industrial Construction, Valdosta
  • Kelley Manufacturing Company, Agricultural Equipment, Tifton
  • Nivel Parts & Manufacturing, Golf Car Parts, Cairo
  • Orion Boatworks, Boats/Marine Products, Valdosta
  • Procter & Gamble, Paper Products, Albany
  • Pure Cycle, Aerosol Machinery, Bainbridge
  • Renewable Biomass Group, Wood Pellets, Adel
  • Sailfish Boats, Boats/Marine Products, Cairo
  • Steeda Manufacturing, Automotive Parts, Valdosta
  • Steel Building Systems, Steel Building Fabrication, Adel
  • Taurus Firearms, Gun Manufacturer, Bainbridge