Cost of Doing Business in South Georgia

Across the Locate South Georgia region, cost of living can vary from 11% to 28% below the national average. This means your hard-earned dollars go further in our region. This low cost of living also makes it easier for companies to offer competitive wages in a specific market within the region.

Cost of Living Comparison

Locate South Georgia Georgia United States
Per Capita Income $22,906 $31,067 $34,103
Average Household Income $57,908 $61,224 $88,607
Median Home Value $106,347 $176,000 $240,500
Median Monthly Rent $707 $1,042 $1,097

Source: U.S. Census Bureau ACS 2019 & 2020

Top 20 Occupations based on Median Hourly Earnings

Description 2021 Jobs Median Hourly Earnings
Architecture and Engineering 2,348 $33.35
Computer and Mathematics 2,284 $31.37
Management 15,003 $31,26
Legal 1,072 $28.57
Healthcare Practitioners and Technicians 16,217 $28.20
Business and Finance 8,411 $27.78
Life, Physical and Social Sciences 1,374 $26.62
Educational Instruction and Library 18,939 $20.50
Installation, Maintenance and Repair 13,312 $20.21
Community and Social Services 4,461 $19.01
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media 2,501 $18.63
Construction and Extraction 9,766 $16.63
Protective Services 6,740 $16.62
Military-only 3,334 $15.44
Office and Administrative Support 30,767 $14.47
Transportation and Material Moving 26,724 $14.24

Source: Emsi 2021

Business Advantages

Job Tax Credits

  • Tier 1 (10 counties) – $4,000 tax credit per new job, 2 new jobs minimum
  • Tier 2 (7 counties) – $3,000 tax credit per new job, 10 new jobs minimum
  • Tier 3 (2 counties) – $1,750 tax credit per new job, 15 new jobs minimum
  • Tier 4 (1 county) – $1,250 tax credit per new job, 25 new jobs minimum

Available Land and Buildings

The land area represented by Locate South Georgia totals more than 7,931 square miles and includes a lot of undeveloped land that is prime for development, with strong infrastructure already in place. Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) sites are available throughout the region, as well as spec buildings ready to host your business. Cost effective real estate ensures your investment can meet your budget, with acres upon acres of productive land ranging from green fields to fully developed industrial parks.

Water Resources

The Floridian Aquifer lies directly underground over 100,000 square miles of the Southeast, including the Locate South Georgia region, providing direct access to one of the world’s most productive aquifers. The aquifer produces 3.64 billion gallons of water per day, allowing irrigation, industrial processes, and plentiful water.